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Terms and Policies

Refund Policy
Due to our commitment to our suppliers, the cost of credit card services, and the time we spend fulfilling orders, Royall Bees does not offer full refunds. We want you (our customer) to be happy with your purchase! We know that situations change, so we will work with you. However, the fees and charges affecting your refund are non-negotiable. Credit card fees and a 25% restocking / handling fee will be deducted from any refund. No refunds, of any kind, will be offered with regard to the fulfillment of bee orders in which the bees die after leaving our site. In other words, we do not guarantee the life of the bees once they leave our site. Please ensure that you inspect your bees prior to placing them in your vehicle for pickup. Thank you for your business.

Shipment Pickup Policy
Royall Bees reserves the right to change the specific date or date window in which the customer is expected to pick up bee orders. Due to weather, our suppliers, the results of hive inspections, and, of course, the growth of the hives (brood production), delays may occur for the dates in which bee orders will be available for pickup. Unfortunately, we cannot and will not guarantee a specific, locked-in delivery date for orders. With these types of orders, there are many circumstances that are simply beyond our control. Upon purchasing bees from Royall Bees, the customer agrees to all of our terms and policies (seen on this page).

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