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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my bees and when can I pick them up?
The type of bees you have purchased dictates the date window in which you will be able to pick them up. Due to weather and natural circumstances beyond our control, delays in available pickup dates may occur. You can follow our Shipment Updates page to stay in the loop. Please understand that once any bees are in transit to us and available at our site for pickup, they must be picked up as soon as humanly possible. The life of bees without a permanent hive, as they await pickup, can be very fragile.

What can delay bee pickup dates?
Weather, our suppliers, the results of hive inspections, and, of course, the growth of the hives (brood production) can delay the dates in which bee orders will be available for pickup. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific, locked-in delivery date for orders. We will update the website with the status of our bees from our suppliers as well as the status of our local bees. See the Shipment Updates page for updates regarding current orders.

Where do I pick up my bees?
For online purchases, the pickup location is provided on your receipt at the time of purchase. If you have not purchased your bees through our online store, please contact us directly and we will provide the pickup location to you.

What should I bring with me when I pick up my bees?
To make pickup a quick and painless process, we recommend having your receipt on hand and a space prepared in your vehicle to place your bees. If you have purchased packages of bees or nucs (nucleus hives) and are placing them within the cab of your vehicle, we recommend bringing a towel. This prevents dirt from staining the interior. Packages are extremely fragile and should not be placed in the trunk of your car or in any type of bag. They require fresh, cool air. For nucs, duct or packaging tape is recommended to keep the box closed during travel. Tape can be provided upon request. Do not leave your bees within your vehicle for a long period of time as the end goal is to bring home live bees! We do not guarantee the life of the bees once they leave our site. Please ensure that you inspect your bees prior to placing them in your vehicle.

What are your business hours?
For electronic customer service inquiries, including telephone, Royall Bees is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For scheduled pickup dates indicated on our Shipment Updates page, we will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for pickup.

Do you offer Bee Club Discounts?
We are providing Bee Club discounts in the form of a refund at the time of Bee pickup. In the event that your Bee Club does not meet the requirements (emailed to local club officers upon request), then no refund will be provided. Your local club officers should have the information. However, if they do not, they may email us for more information.

Additional Questions or Concerns?
Customers have questions, we have answers. Reach out to us and let’s see how we can help!

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