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April 6th, 2024 Purebred Russian Bee Pickup

Last Updated: Monday, 08Jan2024 @ 21:00

The Next Purebred Russian Bee Pickup is Scheduled for April 6th, 2024!

Attention Beekeepers!

In preparation for the April 6th, 2024 pickup date, we are offering a limited-time sale of Purebred Russian Bees.

Renowned for their robustness and impressive honey production, these Purebred Russian Bees are ideal for both new and seasoned beekeepers, bringing resilience and efficiency to your hives.

What sets Purebred Russian Bees apart?

Their natural resistance to mites is a key feature, promoting healthier hives with less chemical intervention. Additionally, their notable honey production is a significant advantage for any beekeeper.

Be aware that our stock is limited and the demand for these Purebred Russian Bees is high. We recommend acting quickly to secure your colony. Enhance your beekeeping experience with some of the best bees in the industry.

Purchase your Purebred Russian Bees today on the Royall Bees store site and gear up for a more productive beekeeping season!

As we approach April 6th, 2024, all customers who place an order for this pickup date will receive an email via the email address provided when the order is placed. Please monitor the email account that you provide when you place your order. This email will contain the specific time for your pickup.


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